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Gunnar Alexandersson

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Lýsing (hvernig dýr eru á heimilinu, hvenær laus o.s.frv)

We do house sits at the owner’s place and are available in all of Iceland (at least ca. 7-10 days). Rates (per 24 hours): 4500 ISK for up to two cats; 6000 ISK for a trained dog, 8000 ISK for two dogs.

We are Marta and Gunnar (both in our 30s, PhD researcher and hypnotherapist) and have been offering home and pet sitting since the end of 2018. As a result, we have been fortunate to meet and love over 100 cats and dogs (as well as a few other species) with different personalities and quirks: From a sensitive Japanese Chin senior to the clown-like boxer and from the playful Sphynx cat to the majestic Maine Coon. Extensive references on other platforms are therefore available (over 20, links on request). We also have experience with animals of advanced age or health problems (including administering medication). In addition, we also both had animals, mainly cats and dogs, but also turtles and rodents.
For overnight stays at your home, we can be booked anywhere. We always try to maintain the usual routine as much as possible and love to give pets and walk dogs in nature. As we work from home on we would spend most of our time with the cat animals. Of course we also take care of the house and garden, empty the mailbox and water the plants.
We are happy to organize a first meeting in person or via video call.
Kind regards and see you soon,

Marta and Gunnar


Languages spoken: Icelandic, English, German, Italian, Polish

Liability insurance: Signal Iduna

First Aid certificate: Akademie Tier-Notruf



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