Aida Gliaudelyte


Aida Gliaudelyte

  • Fiskar, Fuglar, Hundar, Kettir, Litlir hundar, Meðalstórir hundar, Nagdýr, Stórir hundar
  • Reykjavík 105
  • Uppfært fyrir 1 mánuður

Lýsing (hvernig dýr eru á heimilinu, hvenær laus o.s.frv)

Hi, my name is Aida. In my life i had opportunity to take care of dogs, cats, hamsters, fishes and even hedgehog. For the most part they were my own pets, but i have experience with paid dog sitting as well. I love animals and would love to meet your pets. Due to rent contract i am not able to take pets to my place to look after them. But if you need someone to come visit your pet while you away let me know 😊


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