How does work

How does work ?

We are dog owners that felt the need in Iceland for a pet sitting site. This site is both for people that want to pet sit and those who are looking for a pet sitter. Every pet owner will need a pet sitter sometime in the pets life and the internet can be a pretty huge place when you need to look for someone to pet sit. That’s why we decided to have create this site and connect sitters and pet owners. is divided into two parts, those who want to be a pet sitter and those are looking for a pet sitter, simple right ?

Those who are looking for a pet sitter, only need to look for the community they live in. Those who want to be a pet sitter need to fill out a form on the page Would you like to be a pet sitter and please include as much information as possible.

We at are only a middle man, we do not take any payments for the services.

If you need a pet sitter you can find one on the page Do you need a pet sitter. When you have found the right one, you can send her/him an e-mail through and ask for a quote and availability for your pet. This is as far as our service goes.

If you do not find anyone that suits your needs, you can make your own job and those interested can contact you through e-mail. If you do find a pet sitter it is important that you mark the job as filled so that the job will stop showing in the search results.

It is important that everyone that registers on the site are honest and animal lovers. For us it is important to provide the best serivce available. If you have any questions for comments you can send us a e-mail to

If you do find a sitter and you are happy with their services, please let us know so that we can put a recommendation on the site.